A free e-commerce platform designed to help restaurants efficiently plan, manage and deliver family-style meals.

Platform is free for restaurants

Predictable, scheduled bulk orders

Lower priced items for customers and higher margins for you

Putting food on
everyone’s table.

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We’re a team of engineers with the desire to help local restaurants during a trying time. We’re not only about restaurant owners, patrons or workers — we’re about all of them.


We’ve engineered a solution to a problem that will serve all parties involved and we’re giving it away for free; that’s just how we’re wired.

We believe that with a spirit of collaboration, we can bring more prosperity to everyone.

How it works

Create a family-style menu for a specific day.
Customers will place orders for that day and specify a delivery time.
You get an order report the day before so you know what to make.
Cook and box the food in family-style packaging.
Use your restaurant staff to make scheduled deliveries or offer meals for pickup.

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Start offering curb-side pickups and delivery using your wait staff to help drive your revenue today!